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Dear Expectant Parents,

Congratulations! This season of your life is exciting and bound to be life-changing. One of the most important tools for you to use in order to have the most satisfactory pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum period is a well-planned birth support team. I am grateful to be apart of your story and honored to serve on your team! You may have questions about doula care and my philosophy of birth. Please feel

free to ask me any questions that come up after our initial interview.



I take no more than two doula clients each month. After our initial meeting, I will reserve a space for your due date on my calendar.

The number we have been communicating on is the "Birthline". 

It is active 24/7 and you can contact me anytime for non-medical birth support. Following your confirmation of  this welcome letter

(just text me "welcome letter received") then you will receive a

few links via text.

First is the doula scholarship form. Filing this form out will significantly reduce your rate and secure your doula services. Review the donation packages and I will follow up with a phone call or face-to-face and discuss what works for you and your growing family. Please don't let finances hinder you from a beautiful birth experience and receiving the care and support you deserve. I will work with you!

Second you will receive a link to your private password protected Family Portal. Your pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum photos and videos will be hosted here. You can share this link at your discretion. 

Lastly expect to receive monthly, bi-weekly or weekly encouraging text from me depending on where you are in your pregnancy.

Yes, I'm thinking of you and I'm praying you have wonderful experience on your birth journey.

-Aisha Scantlebury


Professional Doula

Certified Birth Educator

Certified Lactation Consultant

CDA, Early Childhood Educator 


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