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Future Midwife Fund

Dear Community, 

Thank you to everyone who has supported me as a doula, mentor, and servant of my community. This year I embark on the journey to becoming a Professional Licensed Midwife. I have been accepted to CommonSense School of Midwifery in Orlando, FL founded by Jennie Joseph, CPM, LM. Midwifery School Tuition is $30,000 for the complete program with additional expenses for travel, supplies, books, and state testing. While I am working hard and exhausting every opportunity for financing your donations are much appreciated. 

Women of color and women from marginalized backgrounds among the number of those most likely to receive subpar and even detrimental health care. I am planning to further serve my community as a midwife and reproductive healthcare provider. I intend to be one who closes the gap in racial and socioeconomic disparity in the prenatal and postnatal medical care of our community.


Know that when you donate to my tuition cost,  you are sowing into the many lives of the women and families I am serving now and will serve in the future. 

Whether you contribute financially or in prayer and support, I'm forever grateful! Thank You Again!

Aisha Scantlebury, CD, CBE, CLC

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Aisha Scantlebury, Student Midwife

Aisha is a mother to half a dozen children (sounds like a lot,

it's only 6) and wife to one husband. For 16 years she has been

part of the midwifery community as both a client and birth support. Aisha is a Certified Doula, Certified Lactation Consultant, Certified Childbirth Educator, Certified Community Healthcare Worker, Pregnancy Decision Coach, and Family Crisis Advocate. Whether coaching or catching, she has provided birth support to women of all ages and stages of pregnancy. 


Currently pursuing her license in Midwifery, Aisha offers her  

expertise at nominal rates. Her goal is to provide affordable maternal healthcare to women across the globe. With a background in Early Childhood Development Education, her clients not only receive pregnancy, labor, and birth support but postpartum and child development support as well. 






I believe that wisdom and knowledge are best taught through a passionate educator.  As a maternal healthcare provider, it is my responsibility to provide the best evidence-based information available to my clients so that they, kn turn, can make informed decisions that best serve their needs.

My work as an Early Childhood Development Educator has also afforded me the opportunity to assist mothers in the most important first five years of their child's life. From prenatal to pregnancy, labor to birth, postpartum to childrearing, I am honored to assist every family I serve.


Every child is handcrafted by God. Destined for a Kingdom life as joint heirs with Christ Jesus to dominate this world! 

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